Employee Assistance Programs

Our Employee Assistance Programs are based on E-Therapy sessions (also known as Online Therapy).  This involves  the provision of counselling/therapy services online.  E-Therapy is easily accessible for most people either via their desktop computer/laptop, tablet or smartphone.


Benefits of E-Therapy


  • Option to go online at any convenient time – after work hours, evenings, weekends.

  • Beneficial for those who find it confronting and difficult to attend face to face counselling sessions.

  • Proven effective treatment for assisting employees with the majority of common workplace and personal issues, including mild to moderate depression, anxiety and other mental health concerns.


How does it Work?


We set up an Employee Assistance Program for your workplace, establishing a plan based on employee numbers.


We then provide you with guidelines to distribute to your staff explaining the process should they require counselling/therapy services.


Your employees are then able to contact us directly when they would like assistance.  They simply complete an initial consultation form so that we have some background about their concerns/issues.


On receipt of their initial consultation form, we will contact your employee directly to commence their confidential online counselling sessions.

Mobile:  0414391303


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